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During a six month stint at PBJS in Seattle, I got to design 3D environments, sets and stages for Microsoft’s annual company meeting. Which they were required to pitch as the incumbent, after having managed the event for the past ten years. As you can imagine, tensions were very high during my time there. Sadly, we lost the Microsoft Company Meeting event, but PBJS got bought by Publicis that year, so we must have done something right. While I was there, I got to creative direct the branding and brand style for the Microsoft Company Store, which was to opening to the public for the first time on campus in the beginning of 2008. I was responsible for conceptualizing in-store signage, including the main sign in the entranceway, as well as concepts and motion graphic content for all in-store monitors. I was let go abruptly before the finish of the project over creative differences with the CCO so I split and never looked back; I have very little reference here, but I've compiled what I can. (By the way, if you're reading this text, you've stumbled upon this page while it's being built. Bear with me, it'll be finished soon. 1/3/17)

Microsoft Company Store 

Create a unique expression of the Microsoft brand, create signage experience and in-store monitor experiences that reflect the brand, overarching rebranding project for the Redmond campus Microsoft employee store relaunch, with public inclusion.
​​​​​​​still image of a super slow-moving motion graphic: the arcs come into focus as they drift from the left to the right, never disecting the MS logo, only appearing with harder focus under "company store" and to the right; highlights run down invisible edges, like drops on an oil lamp, now and then. I did a LOT for this project and was abruptly let go. It was a relief and a drag because I just never wanted to recreate it again... for a portfolio? Eff that.
creative direction - scott j bailey, agency - PBJS, Seattle
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