Microsoft Company Store 

develop a unique expression of the Microsoft brand for the relaunch of the employee store to "Microsoft Company Store," which would open to the public for the first time, include a unique signage experience and conceptualize how in-store monitor experiences should reflect the brand with motion.
​​​​​​​still image of a super slow-moving motion graphic: the arcs drift in and out of focus, moving from the left to the right, hardly dissecting the MS logo, appearing with harder focus under "Company Store" and to the right; highlights run down invisible edges periodically, like drops on an oil lamp. The work was used on interactive entrance signage that I'm unable to show here, plus all the monitors in the stores displayed "app" content, which was my suggestion and which was something brand new in 2007.
While it's not much, below is a bag with the brand expression on it. I enjoy these fun details.
creative direction - scott j bailey, agency - PBJS, Seattle
Microsoft Company Meeting

Name, and develop, a unique branded expression of the '08 Microsoft Company Meeting, shown here with 3D models of the stage design.  
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