DIZPOT is a packaging and design firm serving the cannabis industry in Arizona and across the country. Last November, they acted like they were going to hire a Creative Director. And they interviewed me. Apparently, I didn't make the cut. Sad because during the process, I fell in love with the brand. It shows in the spec work I've created below—warning, it's smashingly good! First, a pitstop at JackPOT cannabis comps.

DIZPOT started off on the wrong foot with "we give everyone who comes to work for us a graphic challenge," but they didn't seem to approach this from a strategist's perspective. What a C.D. does with a "graphic test" will be different than what a designer does. In fact, a designer will get caught up in the details, whereas a strategist solves problems from a different perspective—from the onset, we start streamlining and perfecting the entire process, from the presentation of their original "graphic test" request, to the solutions, to the responses the company has a duty to perform when they make such requests. Like feedback, taking one's calls, and maintaining the connection. Clearly, one of their fearless leaders hated me in the interview, but if that's the case, why would they grant me permission to explore and present more to improve my application? Doesn't make sense to me. *shrug*
But all this is here so I can show off some other work and ideas...
After not getting selected to move forward, and knowing in my heart that somehow DIZPOT was making a huge mistake, I thought I should show them a couple examples of how they might revive and energize their brand. I became obsessed with the 'dots' and the parameters designers face with printing technologies, understanding that moving images are vital for a brand, especially when they're repurposable and can be reformatted to support social media, etc., I set about putting things into motion. I asked a genius animator and friend, Dave "Professor LaCroix" Simmons, to help me with a few things and together we made the video presentation below. Everything after that was visual support for the presentation, which they requested I send over, rather than taking a second meeting with me. Of course, I did that again, foolishly. 

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that they never even called to say "thanks for the effort." Not sure how to lead a horse to water any better than this.
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