"Bubblicious #3" — 64x44in. original mixed media art

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Yes, the primary material used here is 3M's infamous Bubblewrap®.

Every colored bubble has been methodically and meticulously filled with acrylic paint by injection into the bubble, via teflon needles, which were carefully used to pierce the bubbles from the back, flat surface of the bubblewrap®.

Each graduation of color across the piece of art is accomplished by maintaining simple mathematical systems for depleting and replenishing small bottles of liquid acrylic paint with exact and precise amounts of paint, measured drop by drop. At every step, and for each new colored bubble sets, (typically 6 or 12 bubbles radiating inside any detail within a flower), the bottle of paint had to be shaken well enough to mix the added replenish drops into the mixture. Every time, no matter what, that bottle of paint had to be shaken for several minutes, before the next color could be injected. This is precisely how the smooth gradations are accomplished.

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