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This watercolor rendering of "Frog" was created as a shape and color study for a large oil painting that is the second in a series I began many years ago. Last year, I began working on this series again for the first time since 2004, then I had to stop again in February. This series seems to be my opus. 

Now, rather than launch a Kickstarter and ask people to back a project designed keep me painting, I am still searching for a way to be sufficient without such a thing. So I've decided to offer a reproduction of what is now officially called "Frog: Study." (and since, "Woodland Creatures: study" too.)

The original painting is 9" x 9" unframed. You may purchase it framed in a 1-1/2" deep, 3/4" wide, 14" x 14" flat black box frame, mounted with a 2-1/2" white matte. The Gicleé reproduction has a 9" x 9" image area centered on 14" x 14" arches watercolor paper, numbered and micro-signature added with pencil.

The support, or secondary, images you see here are parts of the series. None of the current work is priced (or finished), but thank you very much for those inquiries. My hope is that unlimited reproductions of the current "studies" (Frog and Woodland Creatures) will help support me through the creation of the rest of the work. My ultimate goal is to generate all of my income with fine art work. By purchasing a reproduction of this, or any of my paintings, you are literally making more painting possible for me.

The primary works are all large scale oil paintings on wood panels; between 36"X36" and 60"x60". "Mouse" is the most finished, with "Dolls" and "Frog" not far behind. The sketches, if you're curious are Yoda with Peyote buttons and a hairy troll doll with a tab of LCD. 

(All prices are based on a per square inch basis.)

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