"Woodland Creatures: study" Gicleé reproductions

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Apart from being a shape and color study, with this study, I was tasking myself with capturing a strong 3D essence and an attempt at photorealistic quality of the pills. That is very hard with watercolor. Very hard! With the coming oil painting however, I am confident in my ability to work the gradations and edges of a pill—the evidence is in the details already emerging in the painting titled "Dolls." I look forward to painting this one, it's going to be 60x60inches total, oil on wood panel. 

This 18 x 18 watercolor is a shape and color study for a large format oil painting that is part of a series, which honestly appears to be my opus—it is becoming increasingly clear, this series could possibly never be finished. The paintings are very large and require studio space for painting, drying, ventilation, etc.. Once again, they are in storage and will remain there until I am thriving in the world. Prints of this piece are available here and the proceeds keep me moving in the right direction. The original is part of the permanent collection of a long time friend and fan. Thank you, Brian! I love you, man!

There are two options here. One is an 18 x 18 inch reproduction, the other a 14 x 14 inch reproduction with a 9 x 9 image centered with 2.5 inches of white on four sides. 


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