My rates are scaled for small businesses & startups vs. enterprise organizations: Know your budget!! 
My rates are competitive, negotiable, and depend on the length of the commitment.

"Self-Portrait" by SJB2265Midjourney

I have a very wide range of valuable experiences I draw from. I started as an advertising art director, conceptualizing, storyboarding, and often writing both print and broadcast TV commercials, and brand messages, ultimately for Citibank, Nike, and Taco Bell. This opened the door to becoming a Production Designer for indie films and later sets for Nickeodeon and SiFi channel promos. For a time, I used these skills to thrive and support myself while developing my own intellectual property. After creating a couple of analog products, Swiggle™, SexToys™, and Lil' Fuckers™, I turned my focus to developing digital products. I launched a Facebook parody website called Bearbook™ and an iOS app, KaleidoVision™, the same year. I closed both efforts 4 years later due to lack of monetization. Since then, Amazon hired me as the Lead Production Designer for Jeff Bezos “Firephone” presentation. And I’ve been on the executive teams of two significant startups: Prizmiq, which was 3D product-viewing web software aimed to replace photo “sliders” in the e-commerce space—way too ahead of its time and not enough runway. And, which is currently thriving and I’m lucky to own shares on the company for helping get it off the ground and fly for a few years.

For the last 12-15 years, my family and friends have been concerned than I might be bi-polar or have Aspergers. It took a good deal of my world falling in around me to pursue testing. I've had my head examined and the results were off the chain. Currently I’m armed with the knowledge that I have ASD1[2e], formerly known as Aspergers; the 2e means twice exceptional: art & math. It’s like I have a new pair of glasses that aren't excatly rose-colored, but man, is everything crystal clear. I suddenly understand myself on a much deeper level than I ever imagined possible. And I believe my skill-set and experience, coupled with my ability to personally reflect and maintain accountability, all make me a valuable candidate for any small organization, doing great work, and seeking to make a mark on the world..

Everything above is very close to my current cover letter. Everything below, is simply because I don’t know when to quit.

I'm a brand strategist. I help brands determine and shape their marketing and growth strategies within their budgets. I help them identify current perceptions and the desired perception they want their target markets to have about their brand. I help them manifest desired perceptions with on-target messaging and visual information and promotions. I bend current perceptions into desired perceptions. And I establish, and document, brand style and style guides.

I’m at my best when I work directly with the CEO or one of their relevant decision-makers. People say I have a Midas touch; one CEO said I’m “startup gold.”

I’m looking for a respectable, medium-sized brand, that is filled with potential but having trouble breaking through the clutter. A company that will not only set me up to hit some more home runs, but will keep me around until I'm ready to retire. Until then, with the help of AI, I'm making abstract art. And, of course, I’m always using my skills to help people live their most beautiful lives, painting everything from walls to watercolors. 

You can access my resume at the above link. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how I can help your efforts. Leave a message. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize. :)


SUMMARY: autistic savant (am I allowed to remind you that here? I'm not sure. What is the social etiquette around such things? Anyone?)
SKILLS (so far): art, creation, strategy, positioning, innovation, style, and messaging, for new product concepts and established products and brands. Marketing solutions: concepts, pitching, production- broadcast TV, print, events. Graphic designer and award-winning advertising art director. Skills range from strategy to content creation to understanding analytics. Plus digital media, user experience, and digital product development, analog product development, branding, brand strategy, prototypes, packaging, and marketing communications. Very strong written and verbal communication and leadership skills. Expert hand-skills. Expert level typographer. Expert-level photo composite skills. Sufficient ‘Code Cobbler.’ Background: broadcast, print, and integrated advertising concepts and production (Nike, Taco Bell, Rainier Brewing Co.).


Below is a screen capture of Neurora Borealis' Instagram.

Neurora Borealis' Instagram screen capture

Not that I expect to promote Neurora Borealis, but if I was, it'd look something like this.

House of Kaos logo and various signatures based on Werner Jensen neurological test

"everything meme" circa 2018

And finally, Eric Weinstein of the Intellectual Dark Web, on the subject of sacrificing innovation and ingenuity in the workplace, in favor of "excellent social behavior." — The video is set to jump to the relevant section.

Incidentally, a fan of my first employer in NYC in 1991, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, created an exhaustive retrospective of the firm and its work. My fingerprints are on some of it. Here's the MD&E link!!
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