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I use the header "Pop Art · Propaganda · Iconography" because it says everything about me. I'm trained in the art of Propaganda (advertising), submersed in Iconography (culture), and in my free time, I make Pop Art (definition: inspired by consumerist culture, draws from any source, ignoring existing cultural hierarchy).

Before realizing that I simply MUST use my superpowers for GOOD, I created award-winning advertising for undeserving international brands like Nike and Taco Bell. Since, I've been trying to help smaller sustainable brands, one at a time, reach these same great heights. I'm still looking for a brand that will set me up to hit some more home runs!


Resume Summary:

Executive Creative Director/Head of Design/Renaissance Brand Engineer: ART, creation, strategy, positioning, innovation, style, and messaging, for new product concepts and established products and brands. Marketing solutions: concepts, pitching, production - broadcast TV, print, events. Graphic designer and award-winning advertising art director. Skills range from digital product design, user experience, and web software application development to analog product development, branding, brand strategy, prototypes, packaging, and marketing communications. Very strong written and verbal communication and leadership skills. Expert hand-skills. Expert level typographer. Expert-level photo composite skills. Sufficient ‘Code Cobbler.’ Background: broadcast, print, and integrated advertising concepts and production (Nike, Taco Bell, Rainier Brewing Co.). 

"everything meme" words and art by Scott J Bailey

Eric Weinstein, on the subject of sacrificing innovation and ingenuity in the workplace, in favor of "excellent social behavior."

Incidentally, a fan of my first employer in NYC in 1991, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, created an exhaustive retrospective of the firm and its work. My fingerprints are on some of it. Here's the MD&E link!!
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