A message from the dreamer, Scott J Bailey

I'm an artist, and professional Art Director/Creative Director, living in Seattle, Washington, by way of Venice Beach, New York City and before that, earning a BFA in Advertising Communications from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for having an interest in my fine art work. Over the next couple of years, I will be bringing a body of original, and never-been-shown, older paintings and prints to this digital marketplace.

I understand that fine art paintings, and the emotional reactions we have for them, are NEVER well-represented in a digital form. Because of this, I offer to hand-deliver original work to ensure you’re happy with a purchase. Prints may be returned if you’re not 100% satisfied, so long at they are undamaged. Feel free to take a risk, if you are uncertain. Also, because my reproductions are so precisely matched to the originals, I am happy to round-trip ship a reproduction so that you can decide if you want to purchase the original. If you're interested in something here, we can work out the details together.

Thanks for reading. I very much appreciate fans like you and I hope I never let you down.